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    Heavy Stamping at Rockford Toolcraft Inc
    766 Research Parkway
    Rockford, IL, 61109
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    Our specialties:

  • heavy stamping
  • heavy gauge stamping
  • metal stamping

    Heavy stamping is what we do best! Specializing in heavy stamping, we run progressive and transfer tooling from 100 tons to 4,400 tons capacity. Most all of our work is coil fed and has medium to high volume. We thrive on complicated parts that your average stamper cannot produce. Your buyers don't get excuses from us - they get parts! They get them on-time and get them made to specifications. If cost saving ideas, on time, high quality progressive dies and heavy gauge stampings are what you need, please visit the rest of our website and give us a call today at (815)398-5507 to find out more about Rockford Toolcraft Inc. We look forward to serving you.

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