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    The money has already been made in that market… Now it is saturated with a lot of people trying to get what little is left…It is VERY rare to score a no money down foreclosure property… less than 1 in 1000… if youre lucky…Actually, these people are selling their programs, that is where the money is now… They made their money already and pulled out some time ago and now they are making money by selling these ‘programs’ to others.With these sub-prime mortgages falling through, the real estate market is going to tighten up in the next 12-18 months… The mortgage terms we could get in the past 7-10 years will be no more…. this 0 down mortgages will be harder to get… banks have already begun changing and making it harder to get mortgages… the low/no money down and/or bad-poor credit mortgage loans that is….To do a $0 down, you have to have EXACT circumstances to happen in order to do that, which rarely happens and also a lot of work on your part to accomplish that and to make it happen…I have picked up a few of these books and have studied their methods and analyzed these systems… It is possible but just that…. possible but the odds are against you…They are not out to teach you how to get rich… they are out to sell you their books, tapes, DVD’s and to take their ‘training classes’.They are good at what they do, and that is being sales persons selling snake oil… Lot of people are hurting for money in these economic down times and ‘getting rich in real estate’ seems like a dream, a possibility to a path back to when times were better… but these people seling their systems are getting richer doing just that, selling false dreams to the masses, which their system does work but only in ideal conditions and in only an exact circumstance or situation must occur….You will have better opportunities in getting experience and/or an education in business and starting up your own company than buying into one of these systems, and like the lottery, hope you can hit the big kahuna in a lucky deal that chances are that will not happen…. with the tanking real estate market…..Better get your own business and buy up the real estate when prices drop, with positive cash flow from your business than to overfinance real estate in a market that is very risky at this time…. and loose your shirt when a downturn hits the area where therreal estate is located in.

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