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    Global Roses
    Globalrose.com LLC , 7225 NW 25th St. ,Suite 113
    Miami, FL, 33122
    1 877 701 7673
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  • Red Roses
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  • Global Rose was established in 1999 as an online fresh flower company serving the United States market. The farms of Globalrose have been cultivating flowers for over 30 years. They have on record more than 25 000 000 flowers sold, close to 30 000 special events and over 9000 satisfied Brides. They grow more than 90 different rose varieties and offer almost every type of flower available in different quantities to meet your needs. The 30 years of experience they have in growing flowers coupled with their established sales force enable them to guarantee a high-quality and consistent product that is shipped directly to your doorstep. They produce flowers year round in the best climate available in the world for growing flowers. All their varieties are available throughout the year. Because they are grown in greenhouses, using the latest technology available they can guarantee quality every single day. They harvest the flowers by hand every day but only the ones that meet the highest quality standards will be shipped under the Globalrose brand. They have always been in the forefront planting new varieties and installing the newest growing techniques. Their focus is growing the biggest and finest flowers along with delivering them directly to you faster and fresher than anybody else. Visit their website or call them at 1 877 701 7673 to know more about their offerings.

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