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    Dr. Green Lawns LLC
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    How can you enjoy a perfectly lush green lawn without having to lift a finger? By allowing the lawn care professionals from Dr. Green Lawns LLC of Wolcott, CT, provide you with weekly lawn care and landscaping services! These experts have over 14 years of landscaping experience in both residential and commercial landscaping and are licensed and certified to make your lawn look its best. Specializing in a wide variety of lawn beautification services, Dr. Green Lawns LLC encourages homeowners to call on them for fertilization, weekly lawn mowing, seeding and more. These professionals also offer a selection of insect control solutions for homeowners who are dealing with outdoor pests. Create the ideal play area for your children and pets with the help of the tick and flea control program. This team of lawn care experts has the equipment necessary to keep those pests away from your loved ones while they enjoy the outdoors. Be sure to take advantage of this affordable landscaping service. A free estimate is offered for each project, so prospective clients get an idea of prices before agreeing to anything. Dr. Green Lawns LLC works to ensure their customers get what they paid for and their team members will be happy to answer any questions. Call them today at (203) 879-1033 or email them at petro917@aol.com. You can also browse through their selection of services online. Hours of Operation: 2:07:30:16:30,3:07:30:16:30,4:07:30:16:30,5:07:30:16:30,6:07:30:16:30

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