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    Flying Helicopters Made Easy
    1100 New Hwy
    Farmingdale, NY 11735
    E-mail: Walter Briggs

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  • For those who love the thrill of flight, helicopter lessons are a terrific pathway into the wild blue yonder. Flying Helicopters Made Easy, the premier helicopter flight school in Farmingdale, NY, offers a variety of airborne services, including helicopter tours, aerial photography, architectural photography, and helicopter pilot training. Flight training is conducted by experienced professionals who guide students from ground school to pilot wings, safely, confidently, and in adherence to all regulations.The flight services at Flying Helicopters Made Easy include the following:Helicopter Flight School: Learn how to fly a helicopter as a hobby—or professionally! They can train you for private pilot certification, ready you for a commercial helicopter pilot license, andeven pave the way to a career as a certified flight instructor.Helicopter Tours: Sit back and enjoy the flight, or take the yoke yourself (for a moment). They offer birthday tours, wedding proposal tours, and introductory flights. You can even fly over your hometown and greet the neighbors from above.Aerial Photography: Bring your own cameraor take advantage of their experienced professional aerial photographers. Whether you need news photos, commercial or residential real estate photos, or shots of boats, cars, or airplanes, Flying Helicopters Made Easy can help you capture the snapshots you want.Helicopter Rentals: Certified helicopter pilots can rent a bird at reasonable rates. Take a joyride with friends, stay in practice, and accumulate flight time.Flying Helicopters Made Easy, the top helicopter flight school in Farmingdale, NY, operates out of Republic Airport in Long Island, NY. Students have access to a variety of flight settings, from wide-open airways to some of the busiest flight paths in the country. For more information about services, visit their websiteor call (855) 359-6969 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable flight specialist. Hours: 1:08:00:17:00,2:08:00:17:00,3:08:00:17:00,4:08:00:17:00,5:08:00:17:00,6:08:00:17:00,7:08:00:17:00

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