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Here's What Some Of Our Customers Do With These Bills
  1. Use them as a Business Card (Your business on reverse side)
  2. As A Stocking Stuffer
  3. Birthday Cards (put message on back of bill)
  4. Mothers/Fathers Day (put message on back of bill)
  5. Hand to customers.....and say...."Thanks A Million" for your patronage
  6. Sell them in Retails Stores for $1.00 to $2.00 each
  7. Kids absolutely love show off....and then their friends want one.
  8. Bookstores - Give one away with every Million Seller
  9. A perfect gift for your favorite Executive....A sheet of 32 uncut bills (4 across and 8 down)each with a different serial number to frame or hang on the office wall.
  10. Thousands of other can just imagine....
    Order today and Start Having Fun

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"Questions? Call us direct at (404) 291-1219 and speak to the president"
Tell him sent you for prompt service!!

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Recently counterfeiters have flooded the marked with counterfeit, low quality, fake looking copies of our bills. Attorneys are now in the process of contacting and prosecuting these copyright violators.

Our printing process is designed to mimic the way real money is produced and the finished product is quality in both appearance and texture.

BUY ANYWHERE ELSE...and you may get cheap...reproduced bills...and not PRINTED bills like we manufacture.
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